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The Skimmy Hook
  • What is THE SKIMMY HOOK?
    THE SKIMMY HOOK is a tool used to retrieve swimming pool skimmer baskets from the swimming pool skimmer. • For swimming pool skimmer basket retrieval ONLY!
  • How do I use THE SKIMMY HOOK?
    Please follow the steps below: • Only use THE SKIMMY HOOK at a swimming pool pump speed of 50% or less. • “DO NOT” use THE SKIMMY HOOK when the swimming pool pump speed is running at 100%! 1. Skimmer basket lid removal. * Insert one end of THE SKIMMY HOOK into one of the holes on the skimmer basket lid. Lift the lid and place it aside. 2. Use THE SKMMY Hook to hook the basket arm and gently lift the basket from the skimmer. 3. Remove the skimmer basket off THE SKIMMY HOOK and empty the basket. 4. Place the basket back onto the THE SKIMMY HOOK and place the basket back into the skimmer. 5. Place the skimmer lid back onto the skimmer basket.
  • What types of skimmer baskets does it work with?
    The Skimmy Hook works with most skimmer baskets that have a metal bar or a plastic handle to hook. Please see our recommended skimmer baskets below:
  • Please check out THE SKIMMY HOOK video


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